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  • I am allergic to pollen dust. My Air is showing alerts for dust at my home. But, according to survey done, my home is not close to any pollen dust infested area. Should I watch out on this alert ?
  • I am in tobacco manufacturing unit. My Air is indicating high CO2 alerts. All of us do wear air filters. Can My Air indicate the quality from the air filter ? Meaning will the device detect % of CO2 getting filtered.
  • My Child wakes up in the night every day. We do keep A/C comfortable for all of us. My Air device is alerting on low temperature. Does it mean that this temperature could be discomfort factor for the child ?
  • I am a Pulmonologist in an area close to sea. Humidity is very high. Children in this area seem to developing rashes suddenly, typically for 3-4 months. My Air is alerting on high humidity. I would need dust particle analysis from any other location with