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My Air

wearable gadget - empowers you to set your personal preferred “air envelope”


Personal Environment

We spend more than 90% of our time indoors; it could be Office, Home or in the Car.

Are we in control of the environment? Do we know the quality of air we inhale?

“My Air TM ” helps you know the essential properties of inhaled air such as temperature, humidity, level of pollution and CO2 levels, and by balancing and adjusting your environment based on the alerts, will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise

Baby Care

You want to be in control of your Personal Environment. It is important for your Baby’s health, your health and the entire family’s.

You know the importance of Clean Air. Baby has to grow with healthy clean air. Have you ever wondered if the Baby breathes clean air, when you take the Baby out or in the Day Care centre? Won’t it be nice if you could keep track of the quality of air your Baby inhales? It will empower you to pro-actively plan what is best for your Baby- in terms of inhaled air.

While you will get live data on your Mobile, the device has a display that will give live readings of temperature, humidity, particulate matter and pollution (CO2); it will also display the alerts, when it goes beyond the set range, for each of the parameters.


Health care:

More than 200 Million people suffer from Respiratory illnesses . As per WHO (world health organization) COPD is one of the leading causes of death


My Air TM  * for COPD / Respiratory illness care.

You know it is the inhaled air that impacts your comfort levels. You may know specific places and environments that are hostile. My Air TM *helps you to know the conditions of inhaled air. You will know the various factors such as Temperature, Humidity, Pollution and Dust.

AS you start using the gadget, you will soon learn your preferred ‘air envelope’ :

For example if your comfortable at, say a, temperature range between 65 to 78 deg.F, Humidity between 40% to 70%, Dust levels less than 1000 ppm, CO2 less than 700 ppm and outdoor air quality (AQI) of say 100, you kow your preferred air envelope.

The gadget will help you to set your preferred envelope. Whenever there is a variation, you will get an alert in the Mobile.

The Gadget and the Back-end Analytics learns your hostile environment. The back end analytics will tell you in advance about similar hostile environments


+ More...

U/I through your Smart phone:

My Air TMinteracts with you through an user friendly App!

My Air TM app continuously remains connected to your device and shows you the data whenever you want. You change the data logging to suit your need, set your preferable ranges for all the parameters and the app continuously monitors the parameters from the gadget, even when you are not watching and sends you alert in real time. The inhaled air properties, ambient weather data would be displayed on the Screen. Alerts for any deviations would be visible on the home screen (by change of colour of the relevant parameter)

You can have your preferred settings through Apps in Mobile. It is as simple as that.

You could get a history of all the alerts, or the trend over last 24 hours through different screens of the App.

 * "My Air TM " & "My Air My health TM " are TM’s applied for